Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ducks crossed Interstate with Cop's Help. Kindness among the Motorists.

After a slew of bad publicity concerning our men in blue, with the raping of a drunk, unconscious woman in lower Manhattan (she didn't rape herself, did she?) or the bartering of a sexual favor in lieu of a traffic ticket in Long Island, or even the more common drunk driving of off-duty cops, it is quite refreshing to see this man in blue offer help to a family of ducks on what seems to be Interstate 5 in Washington State.

Only the most depraved individual would run over a gaggle of geese or a family of ducks who are trying to cross a highway. There is something extra awful about killing a whole family at once. But, there are such individuals who wouldn't allow themselves to be delayed a few seconds so that an animal's life can be saved. And I do wonder what would have happened to these ducks if the police officer wasn't at the scene.

Aside from that, this is incredible footage. There is a similar story on the web
, happened on the 405, with the cop responding to a call from a concerned citizen. I don't know if they are one and the same. Nevertheless, let's enjoy and cherish this moment in time when kindness prevailed over humankind's usual reaction.

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