Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New York City. Pit Bull for Adoption. Pigeon. Help. March 2011.

I received an email from an office mate regarding a pit bull that needs rehoming. It seems that I have already developed a reputation at the workplace as an animal rights proponent that they think of me when such issues come up. They know that I don't consume animal products, an activist, and that I volunteer my time and effort at the animal shelter on weekends. It's not a bad reputation at all except when another office mate jokingly, perhaps mockingly, referred to me as "St. Francis."

I am posting the photographs I received and a short assessment by the owner of our subject---Pigeon. If you can spread the word about Pigeon, then you are already doing something to help. You can reach Pigeon's owner a . Pigeon is the one with the white head.


" Pigeon is a 52lb, medium sized pitbull found tied to a fence on 20th Street in Chelsea. I took her in and have been fostering her until i can find her a good solid home. She's estimated to be around 3-4yrs old and I've had her up to date on her vaccinations as well as had her fixed/spayed. She's a complete love with people...a total cuddler. Always curling up beside me or next to Rizzo my other dog. Any chance to play or get loving and attention she takes. Due to her young age she requires a good amount of exercise and doesn't like to be left at home alone for long. My roommate often takes her on runs and long walks which she loves and it wears her out. She definitely loves to be outside.

As far as socialization goes...Shes a dominant female so generally first interactions with dogs are a bit tense, esp. when on leash, but she usually warms up to dogs once her guard is down and she doesn't feel threatened. She could definitely use more socialization. With a good attentive, committed owner I'm positive she can be broken of her socialization issues. She's proven fine with my dog, as well as with my parents and neighbors dogs. Unfortunately, she is not good with cats or other critters. Ideally, a home without any pets would work best, where she can be the sole receiver of all the love and affection. "


kahel kuting said...

that dog is adorable. reminds me of our pitbull here at home who died because they neglected him. it was sad, i was in singapore for 3 years. and during every visit, he seem to lose more and more weight despite the money i was sending for him and the cats in the house. too bad im not yet in the usa. i wonder if i can find a place where they will allow me to keep many pets in nyc.

Chessbuff said...

Kahel Kuting:

It wouldn't be difficult at all to find a pet-friendly place in NYC, including places that allow multiple pets.

I am sorry to hear about the neglected pit bull. It seems that you did what you could do from a distance, but somehow people failed him.