Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep Life in the Park. A Message. Bears, Geese, Bergen Board of Freeholders. March 2011.

I am cross posting a message from our friend at KLIP. ====================================

Dear Keep Life in the Park Members, I wanted to make sure that I shared some important information. Due to our attending freeholder meetings in the winter & speaking up for animals, the Bergen County Freeholders passed a Resolution against Black Bear Hunting in NJ. (attached) "Resolution seeking the prohibition of all future Black Bear hunting within the state of New Jersey" This resolution passed on 12-30-10, with a copy being sent to the Governor.

One line stated: "Whereas The Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders find the hunting of Black Bears to be inhumane and unnecessary considering the alternative methods that are available in deterring human and Black Bear interaction." So true!! The vote was almost unanimous: Freeholders Ganz, McPherson, Hogan, Driscoll, Calabrese, & Carroll voting yes, and Freeholder Hermansen voting against. Please send an email, thanking the sitting freeholders who voted for this resolution (Freeholders Ganz, McPherson, and Chairman Driscoll). http://www.co.bergen.nj.us/freeholders/default.html Next to their name is the email icon to click on to reach them. *Some of the freeholders are no longer serving because of the election.

Being formally against the bear hunt and prohibiting the future gassing of geese, Bergen County is sending a strong message that we can share our wild places and we respect the natural inhabitants of New Jersey. Our freeholders learned that we are serious about our compassion toward animals.

PLEASE keep up the pressure & take action, as requested. The animals in this state depend on it. Geesepeace follow up: I am all ready to get started oiling eggs come April. I learned a lot from my Geesepeace training last week and I am looking forward to continued co-existence with our wildlife. Thank you to everyone for your continued activism for those who cannot speak for themselves.

For the animals, Julie KLIP


Catherine said...

Hi Ted. Thanks for posting this. "Co-existence" - what a lovely concept. I read Celia Rees' Witch Child about a young girl in the American colonies (late 1600s) and an old Indian man talks of it being bad luck to kill wolves and that everything has its own place in the world. I thought of these sentiments and how far removed we are from them.

Chessbuff said...

Hi Catherine.

Not only have we been far removed from them, but the animals have borne the brunt of this slide away from sensitivity. In our present society, animals are not misplaced in zoos, circuses, races, factory farming, wholesale mechanized slaughter, and in canned hunting. For the majority, animals righly belong in these places.

I have wondered why, when the very nature of humans was forming genetically, why didn't compassion become our first reaction to things?