Friday, March 04, 2011

Animals. They're not just Meat on the Menu. A Goose and A Man. Los Angeles, CA.

Did I hear this guy say that he stopped eating chicken because of his relationship with the goose? Maybe he should regularly visit farms where he can create a bond with an animal and see it go to the slaughterhouse because someone ordered meat from a menu.

That goes for all of you carcass-eaters out there. Your life is no more important than an animal's, not by my yardstick, nor in God's eyes that know no favoritism.


Catherine said...

First thought, if this goose lived in New Jersey, it would probably be rounded up by wildlife officials in the dark of night and executed! With taxpayer money, no less!

This reporter did a nice story on Tara and Bella, the elephant-dog friendship at the Elephant Sanctuary.

I've had people point to the bible for their justification of meat-eating (I guess I'm not the Christian they are since I'm unsure of where this passage exists!) While I respect people's choices, it is morally reprehensible the conditions animals are raised, transported and slaughtered in so the masses can have the cheapest milk, meat and eggs at every single meal (while people throw 25 percent of their food in the garbage). Where is the respect for life and those who give their lives for a meal?

Chessbuff said...

Hi Catherine...

I actually used the Bible, particularly Christ's life, to push for a no meat lifestyle. I will continue to ask people for a citation in any gospel where Christ was portrayed as eating meat. Considering that there were ample opportunities to portray Christ as a meat-eater yet there are none convinces me that Christ must have been a vegetarian.

People will interpret the Bible in many different ways, like I do, and usually towards their very own agenda.

But, frankly, who could take seriously a book that includes a talking snake, a virgin who gives birth, and a God who threatens you with punishment if you don't do what pleases him?

I am not a believer at all. I just go along and use religion against the religious!