Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Philippines. Bureau of Animal Industry. Animal Welfare Division. Angel Mateo. Resign!

Who is Dr. Angel Mateo?

Dr. Mateo is head of the Animal Welfare Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry. This Division is tasked to implement the Animal Welfare Act or RA 8485. Dr Mateo has been occupying this position since the law was passed in 1998.

Ask any animal welfare group if they have received action from this official on any cruelty case and you will be met with a flat out "No." But don't take our word for it: go and call the BAI-AWD at 924-7951 when you want to report animal cruelty and see where it leads you.

How to reach Dr. Mateo?

We don't know.
Call and he isn't there.

Text him on his cellphone 09189005784 and he doesn't reply. Write him a letter, and if after one month - if you are lucky - he will reply with a letter that simply refers your letter back to the company you are complaining about or he would refer it to another Division.

None of the media practitioners have been able to reach Dr. Mateo himself for comment on the granting of an "animal welfare" permit for the dolphin show these past few weeks.

Recent News on 50 cats rescued by QC Police Station 3

PAWS just found out that the guy accused of selling these cats - a certain Artemio Sanchez - has been previously reported to BAI's Dr. Angel Mateo for drowning cats that he sells. Get this: Sanchez' company, according to the PSPCA, has an animal welfare permit from BAI-AWD.

If you agree with our opinion that Mateo should be removed from his post, please do write a letter to Secretary Alcala of the Department of Agriculture:

Honorable Proceso Alcala
Department of Agriculture
Elliptical Road, Quezon City
Fax number 9203986

Meantime, PAWS has already initiated steps to file administrative and criminal charges against Dr. Mateo.

Thank you.
( A Message from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society )

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