Monday, December 20, 2010

Keep Life in the Park. KLIP. New Jersey. Season's Greetings. 2010 in Review.

Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife,

Happy Holidays from Keep Life In the Park to you and your families. Together, we've accomplished so much for our local wildlife.

In Passaic County, we showed our outrage at the murder of innocent deer in Garret Mountain and Rifle Camp Parks in Woodland Park. Due to many important follow up meetings with Freeholders, we feel confident that the remaining deer are safe for now.
In Bergen County, we've prevented the future gassing of our feathered friends! We've increased the awareness of non-lethal protocol of dealing with geese in the county parks. The politicians heard us loud and clear and this was a true victory for the animals!
Almost immediately following the Woodland Park deer bow hunt, the town of Holmdel began a deer bow hunt. Holmdel resident Laurie Perla didn’t waste any time in calling in the media, and worked diligently bringing non-lethal solutions to the Town Council. And, they’re listening!
In Essex County, we galvanized a community against their local bow hunt, causing embarrassment to local politicians and gaining important media coverage for the animals. Local activist Jonna Cali is continuing to enlighten local officials about non-lethal alternatives, even offering to cover the cost of sterilization out of her own pocket. This is inspiring, and shows us that activism works and that we must continue our efforts to help these animals, year after year.
Sometimes we feel discouraged, and that this is a war that can’t be won. But we must realize our strength and the power we each possess, and the progress we’ve made. We must be relentless. Thank you for every letter you wrote, every rally you came out to, and every Freeholder and Council meeting you attended. You have been extraordinary. YOU REALLY MATTER!!!
Professor Bill Crain was the activist arrested on the first day of the NJ black bear hunt. At his court appearance, Professor Crain read the following from his statement: “I am technically guilty of violating a state law. But I did so to call attention to the State’s violation of a much more fundamental moral principle: Our obligation to respect all living beings who share the planet with us”.

The New Year is a time for resolutions. Please resolve to continue fighting for the innocent animals who can't speak for themselves. You are all truly, very special human beings.
With warmest regards,

Merrilee Cichy & Julie O’Connor

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