Thursday, December 09, 2010

2010 New Jersey Black Bear Hunt. The True Nature of the Black Bear. Gov. Chris Christie. DEP Bob Martin. Nabobs of Cruelty.

This video was filmed in 2009, just before Gov. Christie took office. Even then, it was obvious to many that he would support and abet the hunting of NJ's black bears. In December 2010, we heard him state that the ongoing hunt, his chosen measure for controlling the alleged bear population growth, is based on Science. Gov. Christie's Science consists of the duplicated reports of human-bear encounters by the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW), and reports stating that nearly 100% of the residents of bear country are securing their garbage by using bear-proof garbage bins (DFW). If this is true, then I am Neil Armstrong and I walked on the Moon. If truth be known, this hunt is a gift to the Governor's political supporters, a massacre, a program of extermination, and a joyride for the blood-lusting hunters. The Governor, and his pathetic Yes-Man Bob Martin of the DEP, are not interested in empirical and scientific evidence, like this video, where we can witness the non-aggressive nature of the black bear. This video speaks for itself, a great argument presented by the filmmaker.

Call the Gov. Christie's office and tell them that you are opposed to the bear hunt now and in the future, that you do not approve of this program of extermination : 609-292-6000

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hi my name is vanessa from monmouth oounty...Love your article..went up to one of the weighing stations in newton today to protest...was devestated! what a shame!!! We drove home on GSP with my converible(freezing) in traffic holding sign out, honk to save would have put a smile on your face.