Monday, November 15, 2010

Van Saun Park. Squirrel on the Job. Winter Around the Corner. Nov., 2010.

Van Saun Park is, once again, in its prettiest with Fall colors in full glory. It is remarkable how, in life, a blossoming period precedes a natural death. It is said that dying patients get better a few days before they expire, like a bulb that shines brightly before it burns out. It actually happened in my father's case who became conscious and interactive on a Tuesday and then died on the following Thursday. Well, Van Saun Park is preparing for the deep freeze to come, and the animals know it.

Armed with my new 300mm zoom lens, I walked around the park on Veteran's Day, looking for a good shot. It was a cloudy afternoon and good photo opportunities would be close to nonexistent. One could feel that even nature didn't want to do anything worthwhile. I noticed a corner of the playground that had patchy sunlight on it. The sunlight fell on the ground, the moving three branches and leaves overhead made the area blink from dark to light. Good scene, but no cigar. Until, a squirrel came along doing its business, squirreling away bits and pieces of whatnot, inspecting the territory, as it made its peripatetic way between the ground and the tree.

When there is nothing, God will provide. Heck, that seems to have worked in my favor. The squirrel stopped to munch on something, long enough for me to take a shot at it. There was no time to waste. It had its eye on me, and one step closer would have sent this sweetie scurrying up the tree for good. As you can see from the photograph, the sunlight highlighted only its upright tail and side, gave them a nice glow, illuminating the matrix of the squirrel's growing winter fur. So, I got the shot I came for, thank God.


Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Thank you for sharing this remarkable photo. Van Saun is just glorious all year long, and each season offers its delights. Soon we'll be seeing playful snowmen and happy sledders, but I'm savoring the colors for now.

Chessbuff said...

Thank you, Catherine, for your comment. I like your optimism. I wish had a pleasant image of Winter like you do, but it is the down time of the year for me. I need an attitude-change kit. I have been enjoying your photos as well.