Monday, November 29, 2010

Bear Trophy Hunt 2010. Board of Freeholders. Bergen County.

I am crossposting an announcement from Keep Life in the Park regarding a motion to ask the Bergen Board of Freeholders to come up with a resolution against Gov. Christie's trophy hunt which begins on December 6th. Those who can attend the meeting, please do so.


Hi Everyone,

Please save the time and date. This Wed. Dec. 1st 7:30 Public Meeting Room (5th Floor), One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, New Jersey, some KLIP members are going to the Bergen County Freeholders meeting to ask for a resolution against the NJ Black Bear Hunt which is set to start on next Mon.

Educate these politicians that the Div. of Fish & Wildlife is not pro-animal, but rather they are almost always anti animal. Please lend your voice to this request. You can just go up and request the resolution against the hunt. That's all we need from you. We need to show that the people are against this trophy hunt! This is important and the politicians should hear from us - maybe the Governor will hear our message, the more resolutions he receives!

If you want to say more, here are key points to make when you talk:

•The NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife COOKED THE BOOKS and manipulated data to try to show that there was a rise in bear complaints. But Dr. Ed Tavss of Rutgers proved that bear complaints actually DROPPED.

•The Division of Fish & Wildlife is a pro-hunting agency that profits from the sale of hunting licenses. They are doing everything they can to sabotage humane bear management efforts.

•The only proven way to reduce bear nuisance complaints is by properly storing garbage—this is also the law.

•However, the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife refuses to enforce our garbage control law. (In 4 years, only 9 violations were written.) By ignoring garbage control, they are in violations of the Black Bear Feeding Ban Law: NJSA 23:2A-14

•The Division of Fish & Wildlife’s negligence causes bear incidents to occur...they then use the inflated statistics to justify bear hunting.

•The majority of bears killed in the 2005 hunt were mothers and their cubs. This is a recreational hunt that will do nothing to address the need for public education and garbage control enforcement.

•Follow up email on Tuesday coming - Thank you - see you at the meeting!

K.L.I.P. (Keep Life In the Park)

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