Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Winter Furs. Red Bank, New Jersey. Demo. FAUN. CAAF. Oct. 16, 2010.

What's wrong with this picture?

Can you think of any situation, any circumstance which would justify such diabolical selfishness, such sickness and inhumanity? Well, neither can we...

This Saturday, October the 16th, FAUN NJ, in solidarity with our friends Caring Activists Against Fur (CAAF), will be making our immutable opposition to the horrific Chinese fur trade known to some unscrupulous cretins in Red Bank, NJ, who shamelessly, gleefully profit from just what you see above - the confinement, torture and extraordinarily brutal extermination of innocent beings - in the name of fickle "luxury" and transient, superfluous "fashion."

Come and add your voice to a burgeoning group of energetic animal activists whose prime objective is to elevate public awareness about the plight of innumerable defenseless foxes, minks, raccoons, dogs and cats, and other mammal victims of the gruesome Chinese fur trade, who are violently and systematically removed from their natural habitats, corralled into inescapable death camps, crammed into tiny, filthy cages for months in ALL weather conditions, beaten, stomped on, anally electrocuted, gassed, bludgeoned to death, even SKINNED ALIVE so that affluent first-world consumers can cheerfully, obliviously indulge their exhibitionism, parading around, morbidly draped in skins that are quite literally, ripped off these animals' backs as they helplessly writhe in overwhelming shock and agony - often the poor, pathetic, skinless creatures writhe in mortal pain for minutes or hours before the final throes of death overtake them. These helpless animals are tortured and killed in the most horrifically cruel ways imaginable - for vain, pretentious, human notions of "luxury apparel" and "fashion." This is disgusting and reprehensible beyond words. Come and help us in vocalizing our opposition to it, and intelligently discouraging conscientious consumers from patronizing heartless dealers in terror, suffering and death.

Here are the details of this Saturday's demonstration:

WHERE: Winters Furs, 43 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
WHEN: Saturday, October 16th, 2010.
TIME: From 1:00pm til 4:00pm.
PARKING: Activists are invited to gather from 1:00pm forward. You can park in the Municipal Lots on Wallace Street and/or on White Street, both of which are within two blocks of the demo location, here are more details about parking (copy and paste the entire link for specific directions).

Wallace Street Municipal lots (in relation to Winters' Furs @ 43 Monmouth St):


White Street Municipal lots: (you won't have to do the crazy walk around the block that's on the map. The wide space between Point A and Point B is a Municipal lot - you can just walk across it, straight onto Monmouth St where we'll be gathered - hoofing it, you'll be there in 2 minutes tops!!):

*You will not need to bring change for the parking meters in either location, since there is no charge for municipal parking in Red Bank on weekends. If there are any questions about parking at this location, please call (732)693-9044 or email anthony@faunnj.org

**WE will have plenty of signs, literature and relevant props. All YOU need to bring is yourself and your voice to speak up for the voiceless, who cannot articulate their natural desire to freely live out their lives under the sun, to frolic and to bear young, to behave as they have evolved to, in accordance with their own natures, and with no interference from our species.You can RSVP for this demonstration on FAUN Meetup:


For more information about this demonstration and/or other animal rights events in the NY/NJ area, please feel free to contact CAAF Organizer Julie at (201)927-3617 or Anthony from FAUN at (732)693-9044 / anthony@faunnj.org.

Written by Anthony Botti.

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air said...

I remember when my mother used to go shopping at Flemington Furs and the rabbit fur coat she bought me when I was a teenager. Today, I cannot even stand to be in Costco with their winter coats labeled FAUX FUR.