Monday, October 18, 2010

Bear Trophy Hunt 2010. New Jersey. Oppose Gov. Christie and the DEP Chairman Bob Martin.

I am crossposting an alert from the Animal Protection League of New Jersey regarding the scheduled bear trophy hunt in December 2010. Time is running out on our bears who should be considered one of our natural treasures instead of a neighborhood nuisance. I have had bear encounters in the woods of Essex and Sussex county areas, but none of them were harmful nor dangerous at all. The bears are more afraid of us than we are of them. Join demonstrations, write or call government officials, comment on newspaper articles, there are many ways to actively participate in the fight against cruelty and dubious government spending.


There are Only 49 Days Left to Save Our Bears. Please join the campaign, get active and let everyone you know what's going on!

1. We need your help with getting APLNJ and the BEAR Group a meeting with Governor Christie.

•Ask the governor to meet with hunt opponents NOW!
•Ask him to stop this corrupt bear hunt NOW!

Phone: 609-292-6000
Fax: 609-292-3454
Webmail: (pick Environment, then Fish and Wildlife)

2. Please continue to send us your name and contact information for our Christie's Corruption Fax Blitz.
Send your name and address to:

3. Animal Advocates set up an online petition for all to sign. Have family and friends sign too - please forward!

4. Thanks to everyone who made press calls last week, which resulted in an NBC news broadcast about Dr. Tavss' report.

5. Thanks to everyone who came out, supported, and promoted the "Stand Up For Me Black Bear Rally" on Saturday!
More than 100 people came out to the rally to support the bears. Special thanks to Eleanor Hoffman for organizing this in her town. It was also a pleasant surprise to see former Bear Group director Lynda Smith at the rally, who was visiting New Jersey. Two newspapers, one weekly and a couple of press photographers covered the rally. (See one of the articles below.) We will be putting up all the photos on our Facebook page over the next few days. If you took photos, please send them to us, or provide links. We are currently planning 2-3 more rallies to take place in upcoming weeks.

Newspaper Articles

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