Thursday, October 07, 2010

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What do you see in the eyes of this poor creature? Objectified, robbed of his spirit, hopelessly broken, the innocent, frightened creature faces his oppressors as if hands which have only shown him hatred, pain and subjugation would suddenly show him love, kindness and mercy. This dog, like millions before him, is a victim of the fur industry. His chances of getting out alive are quite slim. This weekend, those of us who love dogs and feel a sense of kinship with them, as well as with our other mammalian friends enslaved, tortured and killed by the horrible, obscene fur industry, have an opportunity to stand up for them this Columbus Day weekend.

FAUN NJ, in solidarity with our friends Caring Activists Against Fur (CAAF), will be making our immutable opposition to the horrific Chinese fur trade known to those unscrupulous cretins whose livelihood is the confinement, torture and extraordinarily brutal extermination of innocent beings - all in the name of fickle "luxury" and transient, superfluous "fashion." There will be two demonstrations this weekend, here are the details of both:

Saturday, October 9th:

WHERE: Steven Corn Furs, 358 NJ Route 17, Paramus, NJ, 07652-2906.
WHEN: Saturday, October 9th, 2010.
TIME: From 1:00pm til 2:30pm.

PARKING: Activists are invited to gather from 1:00pm forward, and park in the parking lot of a large strip mall adjacent to Steven Corn Furs. PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the actual parking lot of Steven Corn Furs, but there is plenty of parking in the lot up the road next to the store. This is the road between The Container Store Mall & Steven Corn Furs. If you follow that road toward the back, there is parking by the closed schools. If there are any questions about parking at this location, please call CAAF organizer Julie at (201)927-3617.

Sunday, October 10th:

WHERE: Macy's Department Store, 151 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001.
WHEN: Sunday, October 10th, 2010.
TIME: From 1:00pm til 3:00pm.

Activists are invited to gather from 1:00pm forward in front of Macy's Department Store at 151 West 34th Street. If there are any questions about directions to and from this location in Manhattan, please call the CAAF day of the event coordinator David - 646-821-6651 for Caring Activists Against Fur.

Come and add your voice to a burgeoning group of energetic animal activists whose prime directive is to elevate public awareness about the plight of innumerable defenseless foxes, minks, raccoons, dogs and cats, and other mammal victims of the gruesome Chinese fur trade, who are violently and systematically removed from their natural habitats, corralled into inescapable death camps, crammed into tiny, filthy cages for months in ALL weather conditions, beaten, stomped on, anally electrocuted, gassed, bludgeoned to death, even SKINNED ALIVE so that affluent first-world consumers can gleefully, obliviously parade around, morbidly draped in the skins that were quite literally, ripped off these animals' backs as they helplessly writhed in overwhelming shock and agony 'til the final throes of death overtake them, which often means the poor, pathetic, skinless creature will writhe in mortal agony for minutes or hours! These helpless animals are tortured and killed in the most horrifically cruel ways imaginable - all for vain, pretentious, human notions of "luxury apparel" and "fashion."

We will have plenty of signs, literature and relevant props. All YOU need to bring is yourself and your voice to speak up for the voiceless, who cannot articulate their own wish to freely live out their lives under the sun, to frolic and to bear young, to behave in accordance with their own natures with no interference from our species.

For more information about this demonstration and/or other animal rights events in the NY/NJ area, please feel free to contact CAAF Organizer Julie at (201)927-3617 or Anthony from FAUN at (732)693-9044 /

Thanks for all you do for our voiceless friends, together we fight to win animal rights. We are their voices!!!!

Blessed be all animals, and all friends of animals...

Anthony Botti


Anthony Botti said...

Hey Chessbuff! Thanks so much for publishing our events here, it means alot to us that you care about animals and are helping us spread the word, together we will elevate consciousness and fight to make the world where animals are free to live according to their own natures, free from human cruelty...Please feel free to link FAUN as an affiliate here,and send me an email if you'd like to receive our action alerts directly. ( again for all you do for Gaia Earth and all her living creatures... best wishes, anthony botti

Chessbuff said...

And thanks to you, Anthony, for organizing events. I will support FAUN, CAAF, and APLNJ on this blog. All animal rights issues are welcome here. See you at the barricades...