Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hunting. Accidents. Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting. CASH.

Call me bad. Call me callous. But, hunting accidents bring joy to my heart. They are God's way of handing out sweet revenge on those who kill animals for sport. And yes, retribution, in its many forms, is part of my God's core values. Accidents, therefore, is a misnomer when you factor in divine intervention. For kindred spirits, there is a website that collects information on the misfortune of the hunters, their stupidity and carelessness, their self-inflicted injuries and deaths. What else can I tell you except that it is a delightful READ!


Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Eesh, I cannot believe how many victims are innocent kids who were in the woods because of their parents. So sad.

Chessbuff said...

Yes, believing that even hunters love their children, I have to question their judgment on putting children or teenagers in a potentially fatal situation like hunting. I reckon they want to pass on the great(?) tradition but end up losing their lives or limbs.