Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vegans. Eggs and Chicks Poster.

I reckon men who are vegans can have a field day with this poster, but it will be one of those unsubstantiated claims reminiscent of PETA's ad about vegetarians having better sex. But, in reality, this poster reminds us that they are chicks behind those boiled or fried eggs. And for those who can't make this equation, remember that a diet heavy with eggs could translate into arteries with plaque. As a vegetarian, I consider myself a lumpen vegan, short two yards of the required ten. I still wear leather shoes and a leather belt although they are holdouts from the past, just like my leather jacket which I refuse to wear anymore. And my expensive leather portfolio? That one is in the closet, replaced by a nylon shoulder bag. Look closer and we will find an abundance of animal products in our daily lives.


Vegan Good Life said...

"Two yards of the required ten" is pretty terrific! It's eye-opening how animal by-products are in everything when so often they could be substituted.

As for clothing, I think it's fine to use what you have and make better purchasing decisions next time.

I like to use what I have, and give away unwanted items to someone I know or donate them to a charitable thrift store. Waste is never good.

Chessbuff said...

Hiya, Vgl...yeah, short two yards of the required ten...well, i am no longer going to patronize leather goods. i have been using a lined nylon jacket i bought from syms. it works.