Thursday, November 05, 2009

Northern New Jersey. Bloomingdale. Dogs for Adoption. Beagle, Lab, Rat Terrier and Hound.

Behold four of our latest arrivals at the shelter...

Troy is a Beagle mix who came to us as a stray. He's a bit overweight, and so he must not have been a stray for a long time. He's my favorite at the moment. He is most willing to roll over and have his tummy rubbed. Troy is syrupy sweet, wagging his tail and cocking his head sideways at you, keeping low in some kind of submissive position. What a sweety! I could hug this dog all day. His left eye is kinda cloudy, but the doctor said to leave it alone.

Uh oh, looks like Troy isn't the only super nice dog at the shelter! This is Polly, and she's a Rat Terrier. Polly gets up from her bed and greets volunteers at her gate, a bit shy at first but warms up to people very quickly. She's got no issues, and on the quiet side. Polly is bigger than a Chihuahua, but she could become a lapdog if you allow her. What a nice dog!

Maggie is a Hound mix who also came to us as a stray. You can see that she is on the skinny side. Calm and well-mannered, Maggie will not give you any trouble at all. She tolerates other dogs, and is not food aggressive. She's a real friendly dog, and very easy to walk. Some dogs just have a certain peaceful quality to them.

Gee, here comes Clyde but without his favorite green alligator toy. Clyde holds this rubber toy in his mouth most of the time, letting go of it to sniff around and then picking it up again when he's ready to move on. He's so funny that way. It's like he never had a friend until he met this green alligator. Clyde is mid-sized but you will feel his strength when he pulls. He likes to sniff around, very curious about his surroundings. The last time, he was pointing his nose up the rocky hill along our path, like he was telling me that there was something there. Since it was early morning and not yet Winter, I got out of there before a bear jumped out of the bushes. This dog is smart and very friendly. You can't miss with this Lab-Beagle mix.

Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

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