Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Wishes. Mom at 76. Thanks to you.

Mom celebrated her 76th birthday yesterday with a Sydney Harbor cruise so graciously provided for by my sister. I heard they had a grand time, and this photo was taken during the cruise. Mom spent most of her life in the Philippines including four years of WW2, and her retirement years in and around Sydney, Australia. She's a proud and grateful Aussie alright, just like my Dad when he was still alive. She's very independent and strong-minded and even at 76 Mom is still full of spunk. Last year, she ran for President of her local senior citizens organization and lost by 12 votes. I heard that it was a tough campaign, but Mom slugged it out with all who meant to besmirch her reputation. She hasn't said so, but she will run again.
From my Mom and Dad, I learned never to hurt an animal. As a young boy, I manage to convince my Dad to get me a Co2 powered BB rifle. Nothing wrong with shooting tin cans. Naturally, birds became my targets. When I showed my Mom a little bird I just shot, she threw a fit and scolded me to no end. Mom was truly upset. On demand, I gave up the rifle and from then on never bothered any animals nor insects again. Happy Birthday, Mom!


Blogger Vegan Good Life said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. She looks like a young 76! Sounds like she was a great role model.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous air said...

Love your mom. She looks and sounds almost like mine. She's been gone now for 30 years.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Chessbuff said...

Thank you, Air and VGL, for your comments. My sis and I always remind Mom to smile because it makes her look younger. She'll be around for a long time if we go by family history. Her dad passed away at 96 and her sister is now 90. I am glad my Mom reminds you of your Mom, Air.

7:16 AM  
Blogger SALAMAT BLOG ZONE said...

your mom look very young. i wish i have her genes. she looks great

7:05 PM  

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