Thursday, May 14, 2009

New York City. Major Deegan Highway. Son-Dog Protects Injured Mom-Dog.

Deja Vu All Over Again. History does repeat itself. Looking over the news this afternoon, I found it odd that Yahoo would carry a news item that was several months old. Gee, they're really getting lazy up there. But, I was wrong. This morning at around 630am, we had our own version of Chile's heroic and faithful dog rescue right on the Major Deegan. A Yellow Lab/Chow mix was hit by a car near Exit 3, where the Grand Concourse meets the Deegan, and her son ran to the rescue. The dog kept all good-intentioned people away from the injured dog including the police. In the end, the downed mom received the medical attention she needed and the rescuer ran home after dodging the police for several minutes. The Major Deegan is probaby my next least appreciated road in the tristate area, second to the Cross Bronx Expressway, and now I have something good to associate with it. I hope there's a video of this entire incident. The news crews must be trampling over each other for an interview with the owner. We have a new celebrity in town, a true hero. Move over, Sully.

Should we continue to doubt that animals possess sentience, be it a dog, a cow, or a bird? Animals are not just animals. Some of them have a greater love of family than we have seen among our fellow humans. Stop this chauvinism.


air said...

Just another reminder that animals are more human than us.

Patrice said...

Animals has the right to live too just like humans.