Friday, May 08, 2009

Malaysia. Pulau Ketam. Dogs Abandoned on an Island. Furry Friends Farm.

The things people do to animals. I was told by a long-time animal rights activist that it wasn't an exaggeration to say that almost everything you find in a hardware store has been used to cause pain in an animal. I don't find that hard to believe actually. Not too long ago, at the animal control facility where I volunteer at, a mastiff was brought in with both his ears sheared off. No ear flaps, just cavernous holes on both sides of his head. Now, what sick individual would do something like that? A sick individual, that's who!

Below is a link
to what's happening in Malaysia. Go on, the link doesn't contain photos of dogs being slaughtered. Instead, it contains photos of dogs abandoned on an isolated island. These were stray dogs who lived in a small community whose citizens decided that the best way to deal with them was to ship them over to an isolated island and leave them there for good. Pretty cruel stuff considering that the island is more of a mangrove than solid ground. Help started pouring in after a stink was made, but now there are two more islands where abandoned dogs were found. These are the photographs and story of the rescuers.

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