Friday, May 29, 2009

Greece. Elephant Abuse. Bullhooks. Trainer Beats Elephant. Massimo Circus.

Well, it's another day of coming to work with a less favorable attitude towards humankind. This attitude was born in the streets of New York, just this morning actually, when the guy behind me at the coffee line thought that his schedule was more urgent than mine. Some people are just impatient and disrespectful of others. If this guy had a bullhook, he would have used it to " guide " me out of his way, very much like how Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus guides their elephants to do unnatural and humiliating acts for our entertainment and the circus' profit.

Speaking of disrespect, there is yet another video of elephant abuse circulating in the blogosphere. This time, it's in Greece. When will people realize that you can't have a bullhook, and not equate it with beatings? If bullhooks are guiding tools, why does it have a spear point and a sharp hook? You wouldn't consider a bullhook a guiding tool when brought into an elementary school environment. People would scream, weapon! So, why is it not a weapon when used in an animal circus environment? Bullhooks euphemistically presented as a guiding tool and not a weapon of fear and pain is probably one of the greatest snow jobs out there. Watch the video, and then send Greek authorities a request to seize this elephant, named Andra, from its abusive trainer. The Greek organization ARCTUROS reported that the abuser is a trainer with the Italian circus named MASSIMO
. Even a one-line message will be do. The email addresses are :,,, Just copy and paste this string into your address window.

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