Thursday, February 21, 2008

New York: Petition to Get Charlene Pedrolie OUT and AWAY from the Animals

Dear Animal Lovers:

I would like, first of all, for you to scroll down to the post just before this one relating to Ms. Charlene Pedrolie 's appoinment by the New York Health Department as Executive Director of the Animal Care and Control of New York City, Inc late last year. Since then, Ms. Pedrolie has quickly earned the ire and horror of local animal groups and rightly so. For example, Ms. Pedrolie stopped allowing antibiotics to be administered to shelter animals, leaving them very vulnerable to upper respiratory illnesses. When they do get sick, they are considered unadoptable and that puts them straight down death row. Ms. Pedrolie also banned seven rescue groups from pulling animals from the shelter. In effect, that's like shutting the door on animal rescue and adoption. Her strong-arm tactics do not belong in animal welfare where compassion is the underlying thread and not cost-saving.

Please sign this petition and make this world a better place for animals:

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Anonymous said...

This Pedrolie also, on her own initiative, went to the DA and offered to testify against Tammy Grimes in the infamous "Doogie" prosecution. Vile and vindictive are not too strong a pair of adjectives to apply to Pedrolie. It's a stain on New York City, that it would hire such an individual to run it's shelter system.