Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Newnan-Coweta Humane Society and Shelter Rescue. Angels on Earth. Animal Rescuers.

When I said, " Angels on Earth, " I truly meant it. The other day, I was surfing around the web and I came upon the website of the Newnan-Coweta Human Society and Shelter Rescue . I found myself looking through their list of urgent dogs, unfortunate beings who were facing euthanasia on Feb. 12, 2008. There were nine dogs in all. The society does not have possession of the dogs at their website except those who are listed in foster care. What the society does is to showcase animals held at different animal control centers in the Georgia area, appeal to the public for support, look for foster homes or other animal shelters in which these dogs/cats can be placed. During less urgent times, if such times really do exists, the society runs public adoption programs and fundraisers. Whatever and whenever, all their efforts are focused on saving the animals from a homeless and love-starved life which will ultimately lead to a lonely and untimely death at the animal control center. It's all on their website. You will be impressed by their work, and they have certainly, many times over, made this world a better place. More power to these people!

Please check out the link for Urgent Dogs/Cats. Their time is running out, and you can help in many ways without breaking your bank.
Going back to the nine dogs, back a couple of days ago, I sponsored one of them by sending a small amount of money to the society. I emailed them at, and a prompt response came from someone named Gail. She lives in NYC and handles out of state support for the group. I had great communication with her, answered all my questions without delay. In the end, I got what I wanted---sponsored one of the dogs on the list via Paypal. It's a great feeling everytime I help a needy animal, and I can never get used to it. I regularly donate to many animal welfare societies, and how I wish I had more money to give. It's an opportunity to share and to help. I know that one person cannot do everything, but that one person can, at least, do one good thing. And that one good thing could mean a world of difference to another living being, be it a human or an animal.
Both animals pictured here were rescued by the society, taken off death row.

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