Tuesday, October 30, 2007

International Fund for Horses : Philippines

So, you thought this blog was only about dogs and cats huh? Well, animal cruelty exists in all areas of the kingdom. The International Fund for Horses looks after the welfare of horses around the globe, domesticated, wild and even working horses. The images on the left are from their website. Founded by Vivian Grant ( God bless her ) in February, 2003, the IFH began operating in October of that year. Their work involves " working closely with a large network of rescues, sanctuaries, rehabilitation and adoption facilities in the United States and Canada to find homes for displaced horses." There is a lot to say about this group that it would be better to visit their website by clicking on the link above. Their successes are many and they constituted God's work on Earth.
What is specially endearing to me is their action against horse-fighting in some areas of the Philippines. Unfortunately, horse-fighting has been incorporated into town fiestas and other folk celebration. The IFH sent a letter in September 2003, pregnant with a stiff warning, to the Philippine government appealing to put an end to this abusive practice which is a blatant violation of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act. I think it is good idea to arm an appeal with a threat. It went, " We feel compelled to act...Our goal is not to undermine the Philippines’ relations with other nations... However, in order to encourage the Philippines to take a more active role, we would not hesitate to make a film to reveal the injustices being [done to] these innocent animals.” I love it! This letter was hand delivered by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society and a group called Earth Island Philippines. Here's the link to that story: http://www.fund4horses.org/info.php?id=932 The Philippine government stated that they will look into the matter. I will follow up on the outcome after I do some digging on the web.

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