Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fundraiser for a Great Cause, PAWS

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) will be conducting a fundraiser on Oct. 20th and another one on the 27th. The first one features a dinner for donors and their dogs while the following week's event will be Halloween pet costume celebration. Yes, that's correct, even the dogs are invited to attend the dinner. That's just a wonderful idea. However, don't let the fun and games fool you. This is serious business. Animal cruelty in the Philippines runs rampant from horse-fighting, dog-fighting, mistreatment of strays, and the most blood-curdling of them all, the dogmeat trade. PAWS tries its best to function in this realm of darkness where the concept of mercy is as alien as the planet Mars. The bad far outnumber the good. Beleaguered, under-staffed, and under-funded, PAWS relies on fundraising events and donations to survive and complete its mission. Its operating cost is 75,000 pesos a month ( $1704 )to run a shelter holding more than 100 dogs and cats, pay the utility bills, the medicines, and provide allowances for a skeletal crew of six people. They are unable to raise the full amount every month, settling with just a quarter ($426). But, they chug on like the little engine that could, propelled largely by their conviction that every animal deserves respect and love. Please visit their website and get the full story. Donate and fight cruelty. Here it is:


babybranny said...

thank you for the post! bless you


Chessbuff said...

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