Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dog Fighting Ring Busted in Antipolo

Take a look at this video of a news report covering the arrest, on the spot, of dog fighting handlers in Antipolo, outside the city of Manila. The report is not in English but you can follow the story line anyway. The cops pretended to be spectators filming the dog fight. When enough evidence was accrued, they sprang into action declaring, " We are police, we are police! " Evidently, there were foreigners involved in this ring and they refused to give a statement on video at the police station. One arrestee, his face covered, claimed he was only there to watch and that he would never come to that place again since he found it offensive. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), surely, was in the thick of it. Nita Hontiveros Lichauco and Anna Cabrera of PAWS appear on the video. They have received death threats from anonymous sources for their involvement. Job well-done by PAWS and the Filipino police. God Bless. The video was posted in March, 2007. Here it is :

Evidently, there's more to this story. Those arrested were released by the Asst. Prosecutor for Antipolo, Corazon Sampayo, while the three foreign nationals fled the country as soon as they could even while the case was still pending. Scroll down this site and read more:

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