Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New York City. No Fur Allowed in Certain Bars. Fur is Ugly.

Reading through the Care2 petition site on the web, I found a most welcome bit of news concerning that most hideous of fashion trends --- fur coats. It seems that there is at least a couple of bars in New York City that will reject any one who tries to enter with a fur coat on. The bouncers at the door have been instructed to inspect patrons' clothing for fur, to determine if fake or not, and to reject those that are guilty of fur. Although the name of the owner of these establishments was not mentioned, the bars were specifically mentioned as being the Revision Lounge & Gallery and the The Back Room . Both bars are located in the lower east side of Manhattan. It was reported that the owner's motivation for the ban is to support the movement against the fur industry.

It's one more nail to the coffin. This innovation, this sort of trailblazing, can catch fire and spread throughout the city. Thank you for this great example and I appreciate your chutzpah and forward thinking.

I have been an animal rights proponent long enough to feel a repulsive reflex in me whenever I come across a person wearing fur. In many cases, I have been intentionally unfriendly to those people, even coming out and saying at their faces that they are dripping in cruelty by wearing fur. People should be made uncomfortable in fur products. The people need to be told; the message need to be conveyed.


Catherine said...

I think out of all the animal rights videos I've watched online, the most disturbing is a PETA one of a Chinese fur farm where an animal is skinned alive - alive! - and thrown on a pile to die. With so many faux options, I can't believe people still patronize this business. I've watched a lot of old films this year and am so grateful fur isn't coveted the way it was. Every person taking a stand against it matters.

Have a Happy New Year, Ted. The animals are lucky to have you here.

Chessbuff said...

The message is out there already, and I believe that those considering a fur coat are becoming less. Those who have invested in a fur coat already are not too willing to give it up, and so I suspect they still use the damn thing. It's up us to make them realize that wearing one in public is a liability because it will attract hostility. I don't particularly enjoy being nasty to people, but I will if I can advance the cause. I take some comfort that the animal rights movement, like the universe, is expanding.

runningtindera said...

this is a good thing that they are now considering it notorious to wear furs. if they think wearing furs is fashionable or cool they are no different from ed gein.he found it interesting to use human skin to upholster some of his living room decors.