Thursday, February 03, 2011

Joy from the Animal World. Do Not Disturb. Leave Happiness Alone.

What happens when humans leave animals alone? Joy.

I thought I'd feature this joyful scene just to ease the malaise that naturally develops around a website like this, one that continuously exhibits the gritty reality of animal abuse. I don't want anyone out there to typecast OLA as nothing but a depressing showcase of animal cruelty issues.

There is joy in the animal kingdom, but that is often compromised by human interference. Sure, humans can bring joy and protection to the animals too. These goats and sheep seem to be under the care of a human, frolicking on property owned by a human. But, they don't know that. These animals here are not joyful because of that circumstance. They can't construct abstract philosophical ideas or highfalutin arguments. I suspect that they are incapable of conceptualizing good or bad fortune. Their thinking is uncluttered by greed or ambition. They live in the moment. So, what is their first and natural reaction when left on their own? At least for this set of animals, it's Joy.

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cambridgeratmom said...

I think that sheep thinks it's a goat! And in the background you can hear the call of a Carolina Wren.