Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Essex County, NJ. Protest. Deer Hunt. Keep Life in the Park NJ. Joseph DiVincenzo. January 2011.


Catherine said...

"Deer management?" Isn't that a sanitized way to put it. The geese, bears, deer. What offending wildlife is next?

Chessbuff said...


As is already obvious to you, people in positions of power and influence often sanitize the brutish reality of life. The Peacemaker was actually a missile that could kill thousands. The murder of almost 600 baited bears last December was conveniently called a hunt. Deer management is, no doubt, not a matter of controlling their birth rate or relocating them. It's killing them. We've turned into a Kill State in the hands of tunnel-visioned politicians like DiVincenzo of Essex County. It's kill the bears, kill the geese, and kill the deer.