Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animals Commune. Humankind's Flawed Existence.

This photograph speaks to me. It suggests a certain communion between farm, presumably slaughter-bound, animals. It portrays a kind of camaraderie, a we're-all-together-in-this brotherhood, a recognition of a common fate. Surely, if people can have it, animals also possess a sense of being and community.

Love thy neighbor. Animals, instinctively or consciously, know this more profoundly than our species. Unlike the animals, we are capable of plotting the murder of a fellow human for revenge and material gain. At one end, we produce profound scientific minds and persuasive moral philosophers. But at another end, there are the serial killers, animal torturers, and mass murderers. We raise other living beings for slaughter and consumption, disregarding their sentience. We organize armed forces to destroy societies opposed to us and justify it as inevitable, necessary, as the right course of action. Who are we, but a flawed species. Our dominion over animals is utterly wrong and our control of the Earth, undeserved.

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Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Beautifully-put, as always. We are certainly are no caretakers of the planet, and this extends to our treatment of our fellow earthlings.

Just again someone was telling me if they really thought about what they ate (with regards to meat), they wouldn't eat it, but they choose to put it out of their head. Convenient for them, not for the animals.