Thursday, September 30, 2010

Building a More Humane Society. Carpe diem. Little Things Add Up.

I am a bit of a hypocrite. I dislike people who proselytize although I am guilty of it to some degree. It is especially irksome when religion is the issue, and I am quick to dash hopes and shut the door on any chances of conversion. I will, on the other hand, preach the benefits of a meatless diet. I will save the heathens from their meaty diets. And I find nothing wrong with that, only good. Such is the nature of bias.

Assuming an open and fair mind, I should not come down hard on the agents of change. They are just fulfilling their mission. How else will they get the word out to the people if they don't try?

My Facebook friend recounted her run-in with a confirmed meateater at "the morgue"---my term for the meat section of a supermarket. A suggestion was made to view the slaughterhouse videos on the web. The steak-lover listened but there was no confirmation that he actually viewed the videos afterwards. Nevertheless, a seed was planted and that is enough to make any proselytizer happy. One works with what she's got, and homeruns don't usually occur on demand.

I am reminded of Alexander's conquest of Tyre where the people sought safety in a walled citadel on an offshore island. They sneered at him, ridiculed him, thumbed their noses at him. Well, Alexander decided to stay. Passing on Tyre would compromise his reputation for invincibility, not a good idea when enroute to conquering the Persian empire. Alexander ordered his men to drop stones in the water between the shore and the island. A causeway was created after six months, and Alexander sacked the citadel and slaughtered the once proud and defiant defenders. Victory belongs to the most tenacious (Napoleon), and often success is built incrementally, brick by brick.

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