Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Philippines. Dog Rescue. From Filth to Fresh. PAWS.

Another wonderful story to warm our hearts... My trust in the human spirit bobs like a buoy in a stormy sea. Sometimes, I do believe that there is an equivalence between good and evil. I must be having one of my better days, for I normally accept that there is more cruelty in this world than compassion.

A young lady named Kristina from Multiply.com shared with us ( members of Philippine Animal Welfare Society, PAWS ) several photos of her latest rescue. Her previous rescue involved a badly beaten cat whose eye popped out due to the severity of the beating. Here she is, in the second photo (right), on her way to the rehabilitation center of PAWS after rescuing these two miserable dogs. The photos speak for themselves. In her message to me, Kristina lamented her inability to do more for needy animals. Don't we all feel that way? Physics prevents us from being everywhere at all times. The important thing is to act whenever we can, wherever we are.

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