Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Arizona. Camp Verde. Hunting Accident. Pine Tree Destroyed.

Out in Camp Verde, Arizona, a 27-yr old elk hunter named Skylar Stock from Queen Creek, Arizona was killed when a 70-foot pine tree snapped and crashed down on his tent. High winds buffeted the general area at that time plus an ant infestation was observed at the point where the tree broke in two. Stock's hunting buddy called for help after he wriggled his way out of the tent uninjured. Stock leaves behind a wife and three kids.

What a waste!

Pine trees are one of the most recognizable and much appreciated trees on this planet. Heck, we even use their young as the center of our Christmas celebration at home. Back when I was a small boy, my dad would take the family up to a resort town at about 4300 feet in elevation where fog, cool temps, and the sweet-smelling pine trees constituted a complete reversal from our lives in the concrete jungle below. Those trips surely helped instill a love of nature in me. Let's hope that no more pine trees fall victim to nature's fury.

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