Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Philippines. Quezon City. Midnight Dog Rescue. PAWS. Carlee.

I never get tired of rescue stories, animal rescue stories to be exact. Human rescue stories, I must admit, are simply news to me. They are not as heart-warming as animal rescues. I love the animal kingdom, but the human race scares me. Heck, I am being very frank here.

The photos below tell you the story of a dog who ran for its life, and found the only safe refuge in a sewer. This dog reportedly ran away from some guys who intended to slaughter it for its meat. Horrible, horrible stuff. If God had a drop box for suggestions, I would implore the almighty God to endow all animals a natural element, a cell or pigmentation, or whatever, that would make them inedible to humans. Now, that would be the only true God! I am still waiting.

A kind-hearted citizen had been trying to reach members of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) for hours. Unfortunately, PAWS was out rescuing animals from the floods that typhoon Ondoy brought to the Metro Manila area. Upon their return around midnight, they received the information about this dog in Banawe. It has been said many times over, no rest for the weary. No time for a break because an animal is in distress. We don't need to convince PAWS about it, really. At about 11pm, in a beat up PAWS van, volunteers Joe Claret, John Tangkeko, Karla Garcia and PAWS staff Doc Wil Almoro, Anna Cabrera and Cha Laxamana arrived at Banawe.

As it turned out, this midnight rescue lasted till sunrise because the dog could not be coaxed to come out of the sewer. Can we blame the terrified dog? How is it to know who is a dog-eater and who isn't? One of the photos shows a PAWS volunteer actually entering the sewer to get a better grip at the dog. Well, they finally succeeded and brought the dog to PAWS headquarters where it was bathed and blow dried. I reckon at this point the dog already realized that she was in good hands. They named the dog Carlee in honor of the two female volunteers, Charlene and Karla, who crawled into the sewer to rescue her.

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