Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Face of Meat. Sentient Being on Your Plate.

Meat sauce, hamburgers, steaks, and stews don't have a face on them. Most people don't know where their meat came from, and how those animals lived, were fed and how they were killed. Most people have never met the meat they consumed. It's all very convenient when people just have to order from a menu. It's all been made pretty on a plate for them. People like that arrangement unless they have a conscience. For something that is so critically important, the meat that people put in their mouths, chew, and swallow into their bodies, most of them turn a blind eye to the animals' well-being while alive, to the manner of their slaughter, and preparation as food. I know. I have been this kind of fool for the greater part of my life.

People don't even want to sit on a park bench that is dirty, but they will eat meat whose past is unknown to them.

We, as a species, must be incredibly stupid. Most animals will check out their food by sniffing at it, but we go right in and put it in our mouths, presuming, trusting, that all is well from live cow to ceramic plate. Meat is cruel. It is unhealthy. It is unchristian. There are no accounts of Christ eating meat. Always bread and wine.

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