Thursday, October 15, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick. A Cruel Past. A Bleak Future.

Clicking through some web pages yesterday, I came upon Michael Silver's piece on Yahoo Sports declaring Michael Vick as a dud, a has-been, nothing more. It was argued that for all the controversy and promise that Michael Vick brought with him on his return to the NFL, the truth is that Michael Vick isn't worth all that attention. I won't regurgitate what Silver has said because you can read his article, but I gather that Vick's time at the big house has cost him more than just time but his momentum and prime years as a player. Against the Buccaneers, Vicks gained ten yards on four carries. I don't mean to be facetious, but even my chihuahua can cover more ground than that.

Vicks might be advised to hold dear and cherish that one year, $1M contract the Eagles have so munificently given to him because that might be the most he's getting from them, or from any NFL team. Pity? Most law-abiding, non-animal torturing citizens will not realize that kind of money in their lifetime, and players normally get one chance at playing in the NFL. Vick had two chances. No pity for Vick.

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