Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spider Rescue. Animal Shelter. Compassion for All.

The shelter is for all animals including insects. While quite focused on my task, hosing and scrubbing a kennel at the far corner of the shelter, I heard a scream from one of our volunteers. Upon investigating the source of this alarm, I found out that a large spider was hanging out in one of our dirty sinks. I reckon that pitbulls are not as scary as spiders, for some people. Well, something had to be done about the gentleman with many legs. He seemed so out of place. Before killing him became an option, I took the latex glove on which he was clinging to and gingerly took it outside to a place, I thought, suitable for web spinning. And there he remained until I left four hours later. I guess one can call this a rescue. Even spiders in dirty sinks should be given the benefit of animal rescue.

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