Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Circuses Deludes the People

Truth be told, there is no circus animal who wakes up in the morning and declares to all that she wants to stand on her front legs, balance on a ball, or perform in a conga line...

An animal's performance of an act that is inherently unnatural to her comes from a mentality like, " I'll do what you command. Just don't beat me."

Anyone who pays for a ticket at the circus is part of this cruelty. Entertain yourselves in some other way than watching animals perform tricks.


Kelly E. said...

I wish more people felt this way. My parents took me to the circus when I was about 10 years old. I have not been back since, nor do I have the disire to. What they do the all the animal is awful, not just the elephants. Then everyone gets upset when one of the animals has had enough and does what is natural to them and someone gets hurt. News flash, elephants don't conga or balance balls and lions and tigers don't want you putting hear head in their mouth unless they can eat it. I now have two small children of my own that will never give money to help enslave more animals.

Kelly E.

Kelly E. said...
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