Friday, January 24, 2014

Zoos. Animal Prisons. A Showcase for Animal Misery in Captivity. Nothing Educational.

How much you can learn about an animal when viewed as an exhibit? The placard placed at the animal's cell usually states only genus and place of habitat. Some zoos don't even bother with placards at all. Similarly, how much would you know about a person from reading the ID card hanging around his neck? And if you ignore the placards and just observe the animal, wouldn't it dawn on you that you are observing the behavior of an animal in captivity rather than its natural behavior if it were free?

Zoos have long enjoyed a free pass by posing as educational institutions. They conveniently excuse the life-long imprisonment and suffering of the animals by citing regular meals, regular medical checkups, and providing a safe place to stay away from their natural predators. Following this logic, would you say that a life in a state penitentiary for a non-criminal isn't so bad either? The point is freedom. All living things have a right to it. Zoos are a farce and teaches our children that imprisoning animals is acceptable.

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Kelly E. said...

I just took my children to the Philadelphia Zoo a couple weeks ago. I always thought that the animals were rescued so that made it ok. During our recent visit while in the primate section I noticed one of the animals, gorilla maybe, lying on the ground with vomit in front of him. He was just lying there looking so sad and defeated, it was truly heart breaking. I love seeing all of the beautiful animals and love learning about them, but when you put it the perspective of them being in a prison it takes on a whole new light. Just because you provide steady meals, shelter, and medical care would not make me want to stay behind a glass wall for people to stare at. I will admit that now I feel bad for even going.

Kelly E.