Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Animal Cruelty. Animal Suffering. No Less Than Human Suffering.

Pretty good answer to a very common question. Somehow, our self-proclaimed dominion over animals, the we'll-decide-what-happens-to-you, also translates to a my-good-before-the-animals' mentality. We know that one of the fallacies out there is that human concerns preempt animal concerns. How is one's suffering more important than another? We're all sentient beings. We object to all forms of animal cruelty no matter what exists on the human side of the equation. Animal welfare is our infinite passion and there is no substitution or subrogation to others.

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Anonymous said...

I have been involved for 40 yrs, trying to stop animal cruelty. I will not give up!!!!!!!!!! We all are living beings, and deserve the best chance to survive! Barb in AZ