Saturday, November 03, 2012

Gov. Chris Christie. Obama. Black Bear Management Program.

New Jersey's five-year Bear Management Program vilifies the Black Bear as a public nuisance, a danger to humans, and whose population is exploding. The program is the brainchild of Governor Chris Christie. Jon Corzine, the previous Governor, disallowed hunting the Black Bear during his terms in office. The Department of Fish & Wildlife serves as Gov. Christie's running dog. The program has nothing to do with conservation nor public safety. No one has ever been attacked and killed by a Black Bear in New Jersey. The Black Bear does not destroy the environment. If nothing else, the Black Bear ends up hauling away the garbage humans generate. The program is a sop to the well-organized gun and hunting groups who helped elect Christie to office. Only one percent of New Jersey's population hunts, but they are a well-organized as a lobby group. 

Already in its third year, the program has killed roughly 1200 black bears. The dead include both young and old. Even bear cubs no bigger than a small dog are not exempted.

Appeals have been made to the Governor to stop the slaughter, but no luck. A lawsuit failed to stop the killing. Residents continue to put out their trash unsecured. Hunters brag to no end about their trophies.

The poster above shows us that we cannot trust the Governor. He panders to those who can keep him in office or to those who can make him look good. If stopping the hunt meant replenishing his coffers and political support, he'd step on the brakes right away. What about doing the right thing?


runningtindera said...

i never trusted this guy. he cant even commit to losing weight for one. if he cannot do that, what can he promise a nation. its easy for him to act kind and people oriented all of a sudden because its evident he has his eyes on the presidency. no way gov christie. if he wanted a shot at being the president of this country, he should have been more consistent, more compassionate from the beginning. i even saw an interview he made where he was getting all worked up when barbara walters said people thought he is not fit to be a president coz he is fat. i almost choked on myself laughing. he went on and on about what he has done for nj after the sandy tragedy. so he needs an applause and accolades for doing HIS JOB? what a phony.

Kelly E. said...

The thought of killing bears is sad, that being said I don't want them roaming around my house. I will admit that I would be very frightened if they were and I would be terrified to allow my children or other animals outside to play. Also the general public needs to take some credit here, if they didn't leave their garbage unsecured or properly disposed of you leave yourself open to all sorts of wildlife. Isn't there away to relocate them to a different, nonresidential area?