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Jerzon Senador. Puppy on a Clothesline. Animal Abuse. Wanted by the Police.

One foolish act compounded by another. When the Philippine National Police came to Jerzon Senador's home last week to arrest him, his parents claimed ignorance of this whereabouts. Evidently, Senador decided to make a go for it, and his parents stepped up to run interference for him. These things don't usually end well for the fugitive especially if  reward money enters the picture later on. 

Like most animal abusers, Senador thought it was funny, entertaining, no big deal to subject an animal to an anomalous condition. In this case, as you can see in the photo above, he hung the family pet on a clothesline using pins. If my memory does not fail me, this happened back in June 2011, Senador subjected this dog to a few rounds in the washing machine as well. 

The charge against Jerzon Senador isn't making a mountain out of a mole hill as some people argued. Some people stressed that the dog suffered no serious injury, that the Senador family normally treated the dog with kindness.

But, that is not the point. You do not get a free pass for an abusive act because you have been good so far. I am reminded of traffic court where defendants excuse their violation on the basis of many, many years of good driving up to that point. That is not how it goes. Your previous driving history is irrelevant to your present violation.

You see, it is this nonchalant attitude towards  an animal's safety and well-being that makes some forms of animal cruelty possible. Obviously, Senador thought it was amusing. He eagerly shared this " funny" moment with the world on the internet. He expected the world to laugh with him. It was all about us, our enjoyment, and the ridiculed animal was just a means to that end. This dispassionate attitude permeates in circuses and marine parks where the trainers think nothing more of these animals, often believing that the animals actually enjoy performing before a crowd. The zoo managers are the worst. They swear by their enclosed and fake environment, believing that the elephants, tigers, and other such wild animals live contently in those confines. These animal manipulators believe what they want to believe, and pay no heed to reality.

Jerson Senador must stand trial for animal abuse. It isn't a laughing matter at all. The prosecution of his case is essential to the advancement of animal welfare in the Philippines.


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