Sunday, March 04, 2012

New York City. CBS News. Horse-Drawn Carriages. Shameless Abuse of Humans, But No Abuse of Animals?

Ever have doubts if the NYC carriage horses are in good hands? I saw this video posted in the comments section of an article by CBS News, an article vouching for the city's horse-drawn carriages. The responses from both sides of the issue have been vitriolic.

Watch this carriage driver abuse tourists over a fare. The tourists can speak out, argue terms and conditions, and walk away from a bad situation. Horses that haul several people at a time on carriages throughout four seasons, obviously, can't do the same to save their hides.

Just for one moment, try to imagine their lives of quiet desperation. Imagine a captive life under the control of drivers who wouldn't think twice about insulting their very clients...The apologists insist that the horses are in good hands. Is this what they mean?

Boycott the horse-drawn carriage rides. New York City is a large and exciting city; there are other sights to see. Please respect our city by respecting the animals. Do not perpetuate animal abuse while you're visiting.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I post that video wherever I can, not for the shock value but to show people the kind of environment that the horses must endure.

Would you entrust your life with this driver?

For that matter--do tourists think they are climbing on a ride at Disney World or Six Flags when they get into an NYC carriage? Those flimsy carriages offer NO protection in a crash.

Just ask the 3 tourists from Ohio were hospitalized with serious injuries in July 20011 after a tax crashed into the carriage. The carriage driver was critically injured, with head injuries that left him in a coma for weeks.