Monday, February 06, 2012

2012 Essex County Deer Killings. Eagle Rock Reservation. New Jersey. A Message from APLNJ.

We received graphic photographs exposing the cruelty behind the Essex County deer hunt, which began in the Eagle Rock reservation on February 2. Just two days after the hunt began, a local resident sent us three disturbing photographs (see one below) along with the following statement:
"I am a West Orange resident and was walking in Eagle Rock on Sat., February 4, 2 days after the county deer hunt began there. My dogs led me to a deer that was struggling in a few feet of water but unable to get up. It was alive but clearly dying. There was a clear puncture in its underside, just above its left front shoulder. It appears to have been shot."
The deer hunt, sanctioned and promoted by County Executive Joe DiVincenzo is slated to continue throughout the month on Tuesday and Thursdays in the Eagle Rock and Hilltop Reservations.

Please call the following public officials and demand an end to this cruel kill which does nothing to reduce the whitetail's fertility rate. Local kills push and pull these persecuted animals from one locale to another. State legislators should intervene.

(973) 535-5017

Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey
(973) 762-1886

Assemblyman John F. McKeon (D)
(973) 275-1113

LOCAL LEVEL: (West Orange)
Ask them to use their political influence to stop the deer hunt. It is important for these elected officials to know there is wide-spread opposition to this cruel hunt.
Councilman Sal Anderton (Council President)
Term: 2008 - 2012
Telephone: 973-669-9841

Councilwoman Susan McCartney
Term: 2006-2014
Telephone: 973-243-6768

Term: 2010-2014
No e-mail, use web form
or general e-mail:
Councilwoman Patty Spango
Term: 2008-2012
Telephone: 973-325-0821

Councilman Joe Krakoviak
Term: 2010-2012
Telephone: 973-736-7285
Photo sent by West Orange resident.
Eagle Rock Deer

Animal Protection League of NJ

PO Box 174
Englishtown, New Jersey 07726-0174

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