Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New York City. No Fur Allowed in Certain Bars. Fur is Ugly.

Reading through the Care2 petition site on the web, I found a most welcome bit of news concerning that most hideous of fashion trends --- fur coats. It seems that there is at least a couple of bars in New York City that will reject any one who tries to enter with a fur coat on. The bouncers at the door have been instructed to inspect patrons' clothing for fur, to determine if fake or not, and to reject those that are guilty of fur. Although the name of the owner of these establishments was not mentioned, the bars were specifically mentioned as being the Revision Lounge & Gallery and the The Back Room . Both bars are located in the lower east side of Manhattan. It was reported that the owner's motivation for the ban is to support the movement against the fur industry.

It's one more nail to the coffin. This innovation, this sort of trailblazing, can catch fire and spread throughout the city. Thank you for this great example and I appreciate your chutzpah and forward thinking.

I have been an animal rights proponent long enough to feel a repulsive reflex in me whenever I come across a person wearing fur. In many cases, I have been intentionally unfriendly to those people, even coming out and saying at their faces that they are dripping in cruelty by wearing fur. People should be made uncomfortable in fur products. The people need to be told; the message need to be conveyed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 New Jersey Bear Trophy Hunt. Massacre of 464 Bears. Public Getting More Unhappy.

It has been five days since the 2011 New Jersey black bear massacre ended, and the official count of the dead amounted to 464. A more detailed accounting will be published later in the next year by the Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW), a report that will list the different weights, gender, area of the kill, and information like such. Just like the report for the 2010 massacre, I expect that more than half the kill will be young bears weighing less than 100 pounds.

I stood across the gates of the Franklin weigh station on the first day, Dec. 5th, and watched cub after cub trucked in to be measured and weighed and for the killers to have their proverbial trophy photo taken. Yes, the one that virtually says, " Look, I killed a bear and proud of it. " The fact that most of the kills were mere cubs didn't mean less pride. And, quite frankly, I am not sure if DFW will be honest about their figures concerning the number of cubs killed. It has been argued that DFW is nothing but a private hunting club masquerading as a government body.

I am truly amazed at how 1% of the state's population is catered to by the governor with, so far, two consecutive annual trophy hunts. You'd think that a politician would go for the 99% to get himself elected and re-elected. The difference is better organization---the 1% is a well-organized and well-funded voting bloc made up of gun and hunting enthusiasts while the 99% are scattered, individual voters who do not act in concert. Animal rights people need to be better organized, and be constantly in touch with their government reps. We're working on it. If you are not yet a member of the New Jersey League of Humane Voters (, please get on board. We also need to you join the Animal Protection League of New Jersey (

Readers comments are still coming in at the different newspapers, and some of them are very compelling. It's a good sign, and I believe that this second bear trophy hunt increased the ire of the people and the number of people who are willing to speak out against it.

Here is a couple worthy of note:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Take action to protect black bear population

Watching the second bear hunt under the Christie regime unfold, I must ask, "Is this New Jersey or communist China?"

From what I've read, the dictators of China, much like New Jersey's current political leadership, have little regard for animals or people. How can 1 percent of the population (hunters), dictate how we manage our black bears? Why is the Department of Environmental Protection not enforcing the ban on feeding the bears?

Why is no one in the Legislature introducing a bill to protect black bears? Why is the DEP trying to deny the bear defenders' constitutional right to assemble in a public place to protest the killing? Why is the press and media not giving the animal rights activists equal time?

There have been long articles in the Herald News about hunters who find perverse pleasure in killing the bears, yet less coverage about the many activists who oppose the slaughter. Wake up my fellow New Jerseyans. Contact your legislators and remind them that we are their boss and we want our black bears protected, not massacred.

We gave these feckless politicians the privilege of representing us, and we can take it away. This is one thing that we can still do that China can't.

Richard Jaretsky



Bear hunt was barbaric, unnecessary

Dec. 13, 2011

Gov. Chris Christie, the Department of Environmental Protection and Fish and Wildlife should be ashamed of themselves for killing the black bears of New Jersey. This bear hunt for “safety reasons” and “population control” is nothing more than a blood-thirsty slaughter in disguise. They have purposely villainized bears in order to justify their hunt.We are not fools. We know the real reason for this bear hunt. Revenues are declining in the coffers of Fish and Wildlife with fewer and fewer people choosing to hunt our wildlife. They need to sell licenses. They need to get more people interested in killing wildlife. Otherwise they will be out of business and will perhaps not be able to hunt themselves. They are nothing more than a self-interest group trying to justify themselves each year. Its like the fox guarding the hen house.

I live in the woods of Sussex County, and we do not have a problem with bears. Most bears are timid creatures who shy away from human contact. We see a bear once every few months as it passes through. It is an amazing and beautiful animal to watch. It may take a quick drink out of our birdbath and then off it goes. If we step outside to get a closer look they scamper away. We keep our garbage in a bear proof can and we don't leave pet food outside. My neighbors do the same. We have learned how to live with bears and we feel privileged to see them occasionally.

We do not feed the bears but hunters are allowed to do so. They create bait piles of doughnuts, cookies, etc. in the woods prior to this hunt to acclimate the bears to human food. Then they get up in their tree stand over the bait pile and kill the hungry bear. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. They call themselves sportsmen and nothing could be further from the truth. Is it any wonder that 250-plus bears are killed the first day and then the numbers go down each day thereafter? A cub must be terrified after seeing its mother slaughtered on the doughnut pile. And yet if we put some food out for a bear we can be fined. What a double-standard state we live in.

Hunters also bait the deer in a similar fashion and yet Fish and Wildlife is trying to take away our right to feed deer. This is a very corrupt agency with the National Rifle Association behind them, and they need to be either abolished or completely overhauled. But I'm sure Christie won't do it. He's in bed right alongside them.

Someday the people of New Jersey will say “enough” en masse and we will move forward into the 21st century and have a more humane state. Five-hundred plus bears were not born to die. They were an important part of our ecosystem. Shame on our state for killing them.

Barbara J. Haley, ANDOVER

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New Jersey 2011 Black Bear Massacre.

Well, I am thoroughly upset by this year's bear trophy hunt. It's the second year we've had this mass killing in New Jersey. Last year, the hunters killed 589 bears in five days of hunting(?). Of that total, 378 were under one year old, cubs basically, with the smallest one weighing only thirty pounds. I am sorry to say that these trophy hunts are part of a 5-year bear management program, fostered by the Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) and under the behest of our bully governor, Chris Christie. This only means three more years of indiscriminate killings of our black bears.

The DFW argues that the hunts are only one part of the program, that public education and proper garbage disposal alternatives plus some vague reference to humane methods are also part of their plan. But Jeff Tittel, Director of the Sierra Club of New Jersey, referred to this 5-yr program as a document filled with beautiful words but lacks the funding and staffing to implement all its provisos. And so, shooting up our black bears becomes the solution of choice which quite remarkably, serendipitously, I might say, also pleases the gun and hunting cabal in the state.

Yesterday was the first day of the 5-day 2011 trophy hunt, and the kills were estimated at 200.

Today, I posted a comment on the Los Angeles Times website as well as the NJ.Com site in response to fallacious comments posted at those sites, those that perpetuate the myth of bear overpopulation in New Jersey, some furthering the even greater myth of black bear attacks. Here it is:

Well, I was at the Franklin weigh station yesterday, the first day of the hunt, and it looked to me like a kindergarten school was massacred out there and they were bringing in the dead children. Mere cubs killed by grown men in camo clothing, driving into the weigh station with utmost pride, exchanging war stories over a cup of java. About what? Killing the children of animals? The simile isn't far-fetched. To make things worse, the hunters are allowed to bait the bears with food and then shoot them at the moment of inattentiveness. Don't kid yourselves. It hasn't been a cat and mouse game. It's been like giving an unsuspecting child a lollipop. Hunters are allowed to kill any bear, or deer, of any age. No restriction. Even out of state hunters are allowed to come and shoot up our black bears in New Jersey. This is not a hunt nor a culling. It's a c'mon boys and enjoy yourselves, very much like a gang rape. The bears being killed are not nuisance bears, but bears that live in the deep woods. You didn't think that the tree stands were set up in gated communities, did you? Nuisance bears, that's a lame excuse to shift the blame on them and away from people who have not taken responsibility for their trash. Control the people, not the bears. Animals respect the land, and make good use of it."