Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Jersey. Bill S2649. Senator Bob Smith. Assembly Agricultural Committee.Urgent Action Needed. A Message from the APLNJ. November 2011.

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends,

After meeting with key legislators in the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee, we effectively halted movement on S2649, a ghastly and deadly bill for deer. . . In a underhanded maneuver, Senator Bob Smith (D-17), the sponsor, moved the bill to the Assembly Agriculture Committee, where he knows there is support for his pro-hunt agenda.

In behalf of the deer, who are victimized and maligned, we urge you to take action. (see TAKE 5 MINUTES AND DO THREE WONDERFUL THINGS FOR DEER! below).

Please save these and other deer from becoming dead bodies in the backs of trucks, heads in buckets, and heads on the walls of hunters.


Please start calling on Monday. Talking points are available here: http://aplnj.org/Legislation.php

To read a report on S2649, please go here: http://aplnj.org/assets/pdf/S2649Report.pdf

1. EVERYONE: Call the Speaker of the Assembly: Sheila Oliver: (973) 395-1166. Ask her to NOT POST S2649 for a vote. Make sure her office takes down the number of the bill and understands what you are calling about. If you live in her district, let them know you are a constituent.

2. Call your TWO (note: some districts have 1 seat vacant) state Assembly members now and throughout next week. If you do not know what Legislative District you live in, please visit: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/districts/municipalities.asp If you have any questions about your district, please call our office at 732-446-6808.

3. Please follow-up your calls with an e-mail. Find the entire e-mail and phone list below for your convenience.

Ask your state Assembly member to OPPOSE S2649 on humanitarian, ethical, ecological and practical grounds. This bill will extend and legalize heinous poaching methods and ban all deer feeding unless you want to bait to kill them. Demand a NO vote if S2649 comes up for a vote in the Assembly. Make sure your Assembly member knows you are a constituent and have been watching this legislation carefully. Tell them we keep voting records.

Please help us defeat this ghastly bill. A vote could be held as early as December 1, 2011. We are counting on everyone who receives this e-mail to take action.

Thank you,

Angi Metler
State Chair


UPDATE from Keep Life in the Park (KLIP) 11/29/11

We firmly believe that due to YOUR phone calls and emails to Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and to local representatives, S2649 was NOT posted for session on Monday, Nov. 28th. Here is a link to those bills posted. YOUR voices were heard throughout the New Jersey State Assembly!!!

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