Thursday, August 05, 2010

Philippines. Death by Exhaust Fumes. Tambucho Gassing. The Nadir of Animal Cruelty.

Life has become quite hectic lately, with my son having two surgeries in Boston and I am planning a week's trip to the Dominican Republic very soon. But what has taken up most of my attention is the drafting of a petition against the legitimized gassing of dogs in the Philippines.

This isn't your usual gassing via carbon monoxide cylinders, but something worse than that. This sort of gassing uses the exhaust fumes from a motor vehicle. It's called Tambucho Gassing. Yup, that's pretty hideous stuff and two government bodies in the Philippines ( The Committee on Animal Welfare and the Department of Agriculture ) approved the method as an acceptable form of euthanasia. Incredible, isn't it? But human ignorance and depravity is bottomless, and I am surprised that I still get surprised by unfathomable acts of cruelty.

You can view the petition at Tambucho Gassing, and I invite you to read and understand it completely. It's not an April Fool's joke. I have included two videos that will surely turn you stomach. They will move you to tears. So, please consider your own threshold for pain before viewing them.

I ask you to support Filipino animal welfare advocates on this one by signing the petition and commenting. Leading the charge are the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Care and Responsibility to Animals, and the Animal Kingdom Foundation. At this point, the petition has already surpassed its targeted one thousand signatures but the signatures still keep on coming. People are just disgusted with Tambucho Gassing.

You may send your own personal email of disgust to the head of the Committee on Animal Welfare, Dr. Enrique T. Carlos at I think he deserves to hear from us.

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IceMan said...

This also took a lot of my attention...
I understand that unclaimed dogs need to be put down, but this is just too cruel... they want to imitate Japan,but Japan is using CO. Another point lost for the Philippine Government.