Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meat is Always Cruel. Animal Slaughter. Blood and Gore.

Next time you see meat on the menu, think of this photo with the blood splattered walls, the brawny butchers in their blood-drenched aprons, the blood-soaked floor, and of course the terrified and helpless animal being forcibly led to the slaughter area. How lucky you are! You need only to point at the menu item and wait for the dish to be served at your table. Perhaps, it's about time to consider ethical eating habits over just blindly satisfying your hunger pangs.


Ken Chamberlain said...

The problem is, there is no way out of eating other living things. To live, one must eat a life form.

Chessbuff said...

Eating plant life, like grain and vegetables, is a way out. They are life forms too and they provide all the nutritional needs of humans without the cruelty practiced in factory farming.