Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New York City. Demonstration. Manhattan ACC. 110th Street. June 17, 2008.

Message from the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network:

Tonight, June 17, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. in front of the Manhattan ACC at 326 E. 110th St between 1st and 2nd Avenue.


The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network (BAFN), which in 2 years removed more than 1,200 animals from death's door at NYCACC, is now one of many groups and rescuers who have been indiscriminately suspended from the Center’s New Hope Program*.Five months ago, our group was suspended under the guise of a cruelty case in one of our foster homes. An ASPCA Animal Cruelty Law Officer was called in to investigate. BAFN was COMPLETLEY exonerated. In fact, the ASPCA were shaking their heads! Now FIVE months later, we are still suspended from the program. The vindictiveness of a woman who runs one of the largest municipal kill systems in the country is resulting in countless deaths of homeless companion animals. Are these animals really better off dead, because the new Executive Director is too spiteful to admit that she made a mistake?

Learn how the new Executive Director was hired by the Department of Health, with not a shred of medical or sheltering experience.Read about the resignations of more than 17 top-tier key personnel including 5 veterinarians and the Director of Operations. Learn more about the total lack of regard for the Mayor's No-Kill Mandate.

And Sign the Petition.http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/this-is-a-petition-to-get-charlene-pedrolie-out-of-acc-please-help-save-animals-from-being

*New Hope is a network of over 100 pet rescue, support and adoption agencies in the eastern US who are now associated with AC&C in the process of locating homes for the animals we rescue.

http://nycacc.org/newhope.htm Laurie BleierDirector?http://BrooklynAnimalFosterNetwork.org Shelter Animals aren't Criminals.
Please visit http://www.victimsofcircumstance.org

This message was sent by: The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, 392 14th Street, 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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goodnews said...

Charlene Pedrolie works for NYCACC.org
And the euthanasia reduced
Reduced 7.74% vs 07 and is the lowest euthanasia rate in May EVER
Reduced Year to date 8.9 % vs 07 Despite the fact our intake has increased 9.45% Year to Date as of May 18, 2008, our Euthanasia has decreased 6.9 % - Year to Date as of May 18, 2008. AC&C has achieved the lowest euthanasia rate in NYC history.
Our Volunteer Hours Increased

Increased 25.63% in Manhattan;

Increased 93.5% in Brooklyn vs 07

MAY 2008 is Continuing the trend of RECORD BREAKING SUCCESS!

Offsite Adoptions Events in Brooklyn have increased 157% vs May 07

Chessbuff said...

The problem with this model is that sick animals that are euthanized are not counted in the statistics when they used to. Of course, the numbers will lower than before. The animals get sick quicker nowadays because the ACC, under Pedrolie, refused to give the animals preventive medicines. That was a nice try at smoke and mirrors. Sorry, but I am not buying your argument.