Monday, May 01, 2006

Making the move...

Well, it's a beautiful day here in New Jersey. On days like these, I sit out on the front lawn and enjoy the sun and the warmth of spring. Heck, even my 8-pound chihuahua is out there sunning herself. Only a year and a half ago, she was in a dreadful situation at a high-kill animal shelter, and now she is laid out on a lush green lawn with her eyes closed in total relaxation and enjoyment. The saying, " It's a dog's life " is not necessarily a bad one. But, there are plenty of cases where a dog or any animal's life is unacceptable because they live in pain.

I'd like to help but what I can't understand is why the Bergen County Animal Shelter never called back about my application to become a volunteer. Calling them doesn't turn the key either. I reckon they are already fully staffed with kind-hearted animal-lovers like myself. What else can I do but to give monetary assistance if I can't give my time and effort. To this end, I give $20 a month to the ASPCA via Visa card, and I also donate small amounts of money to needy animal shelters in the general area. Every little bit helps.

I have come to realize that being sympathetic to animals, or being an outright animal-lover, doesn't mean that one is taking an important step towards animal welfare. Many people who geniunely love animals do not help out. I feel that to commit an act of kindness requires a leap of faith or conviction on the part of the individual. What I am saying is that there is resistance, or stasis, towards committing an act of kindness. What is an act of kindness? That would be like giving money to animal welfare organizations, or providing a temporary shelter for a dog or cat (fostering), or going out on a limb and intervening in a situation that is cruel to an animal. I feel that even good-hearted people need to be nudged or convinced towards an act of kindness, that helping is not hard to do. There's no reason to be shy about it. Go and do it. There are actual living creatures who will benefit from your kindness.

I continually surf the websites of animal shelters and decide which one would be the recepient of the small amount of money or goods that I can give away that month. All of them need help. I am doing something about what is in my power and control, and many out there are doing their share as well. Think of it as a great gift to yourself---to give to the animals. An animal shelter is never okay; they are not sailing along contently. Help is always needed and welcome. You really have to take your hats off to those people who are on the frontlines against animal cruelty. We are blessed by their presence and by their selfless work.

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kahel kuting said...

i liked this post a lot and it echoes my sentiment on caring for animals and being proactive in one's bid to genuinely "help". to tell you the truth, there are not many people like you anymore. but thank God there are still good people like you around. albeit a few.ive met some here and abroad. even online.. strangers willing to contribute to another animal lover in need.

its great when i find groups/orgs with people who are true animal lovers and are also willing to go out of their way to save another life even if ridiculed that these are just animals.

recently, ive influenced a family member to get kitty litter for their kittens in their house. Also they buy cat food now.They seem to have grown fond of the little critters they adopted. its a milestone in our household because most of my family members, except my dad, dont really care about animals that dont have breed ( you know, typical filipino mentality that askals or pusakals are ugly and unglamorous). But now thank God IM somehow rubbing off some sense and animal loving into them.

if only we can incorporate the same methodology used by multilevel marketers to influence people to love animals, then the concept of "pyramiding" wouldnt sound so vile and revolting anymore would it? =)